Space changes and responds to the way we look at it. Phenomena of this dialectical relationship between the observers perception of physical presence and integrated spatial response lies at the heart of LOADS.

The installation investigates the way we read and understand physical phenomena of embodiment in interaction of space and matter. Consequently, the audience enters an immersive force field balancing between equilibrium and singularity conditions which enables a narrative loop among observer, volume and physicality.

LOADS is composed of a suspended 4.0 x 2.2 m kinetic display consisting of a flexible fabric. Activated by motor hinges which are continuously altering height and inclination, the textile is deformed by gravitational forces of moving spherical weights. Surrounding dynamic light arrays synchronized with the systems load distribution are emphasizing materiality of textile and deformation through steep angle exposure and resulting soft shadows. A motion tracking system monitors the intervention space and communicates information about observers to a simulation which drives the behavior of the display.









Loads was developed and realized in close cooperation with FELD and first shown during the “Sensient Geometries” exhibition at SPEKTRUM Berlin. Images taken by the wonderful Claudia Gödke and sound composed by the magnificent Ben Lukas Boysen.

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