Plaswijk Park

Type Landscape Playground
Location Rotterdam | NL
Stage Completed
Design Ssse | OvO associated architects
Role Parametric Design Consultant | Visualizer

Text Parallel to my studies in Delft I got involved in technically optimizing the design of a landscape playground building located in Plaswijckpark, a recreational area at the northern end of Rotterdam. The office based in Amsterdam needed a geometry consultant to cope with the complexity of the triangulated roof structure and resulting advanced fabrication detailing – the technical drawings would not have been possible without employing parametric software. Different techniques based on the Grasshopper platform were developed and subsequently refined until the delivery of the final 3D construction package to all executing parties. Such techniques included mesh relaxation/optimization, sun analysis, parametric steel member articulation and time-saving operations such as labeling etc.







All images shown are property of Ssse | OvO associated architects. Thanks to Gilbert Koskamp, Pierre Jennen, Johan Rooijackers & Sjoerd Hoogewerf for this exciting and wonderful experience.

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