Joyn Pavilion

Type Exhibition Pavilion
Tools JOYN MACHINE with spruce laths, dowels and no glue
Size 2.5 x 2.5 x 5.5 m
Location Futurium Berlin | DE
Date May 2018
Role Pavilion Design Development

Text Novel fabrication technologies promise to democratize access to the means of production. Paradoxically, often enough the digital tool chain robotizes humans and alienates them from the end result. The JOYN MACHINE – an invention from studio milz – targets this dilemma in collating existing technologies with an intelligent interface to foster human machine collaboration. The result is a flexible processing workflow of low grade timber laths for dry connected structures, which are either too complex to detail by hand or not profitable enough for your local carpenter. For the opening exhibition at Futurium Berlin, a pavilion was conceived which transports the ideas of an architectural design spectrum enabled through the right dose of technology.

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